Installing Python package

Python 3.x required.

At the command line:

pip install "pyramid_sms[twilio]"

Configuring outbound SMS with Twilio

In your Pyramid INI settings you can have

# Choose your SMS backend
sms.service = pyramid_sms.twilio.TwilioService

# Use this in test.ini for your unit test run
# sms.service = pyramid_sms.dummy.DummySMSService

# Twilio SMS number we have bought
sms.default_sender = +555123123

# Use Celery tasks fro async operating.
# If true doesn't block HTTP response.
# Requires Websauna.
sms.async = false

# Account SID in Twilio account settings
sms.twilio_account = xxx

# Auth Token in Twilio account settings
sms.twilio_token = yyy